Materials Guide

CYRILLUS selects its fabrics with great care : our exclusive models are designed for your comfort and elegance.


All our wool cloth undergoes rigorous selection; it is recognised for having a high thread density and being extremely hard wearing. This superior quality provides great comfort and an especially pleasant, naturally warm feel.


Worsted wool is a breathable fabric due to the high quality of the weave and the choice of extra fine threads. It allows structured and elegant garments to hang well. This fabric, which originated in men’s clothing, has the particular advantage of keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. For women’s garments, this exceptional fabric is blended with 4% elastane to provide optimal comfort and a truly feminine look.


Cashmere is very soft, fine wool obtained from the Cashmere goat. It is a luxurious, natural material renowned for its lightness and warmth. It is also thermo-regulating and adapts to the body’s temperature. Cashmere is silky to the touch.


Extra fine wool that is warm, soft and flowing. It retains warmth effectively thanks to the fine fibres. Also appreciated for its durability, it is used to manufacture sweaters and suits.


Made from the first shearing of seven-month old lambs, lambswool is valued for its heat insulating qualities. It is smooth, particularly soft and easy to keep free of creases.


Silk is among the softest and most luxurious of fabrics, giving garments a look of great femininity. Silk fibres are of the finest quality and are extremely soft to touch; they are shiny and flowing. This natural and rare material is worthy of careful treatment. Silk is strong, comfortable and has a high insulation capacity.


A plant fibre made using regenerated cellulose fibres. Viscose was invented in response to the demand for fabrics resembling silk, while being more economical to produce. Its qualities are similar to those of cotton: it is slightly stretchy, does not crease easily and has a high absorption capacity.


This is a fibre produced from wood pulp, where cellulose is dissolved in a non-toxic solvent. Lyocell naturally has a discreet sheen, is breathable and absorbs moisture. It is flowing and hangs nicely, as well as being stronger than viscose.


This is the most produced synthetic fibre in the world. It represents approximately 70% of synthetic fibres used in the clothing industry. It is often combined with other fibres, particularly cotton and wool. Polyester is very resistant and stretchy. It is ‘dry’ to touch and does not absorb much moisture. Its greatest asset is its easy care (machine washable and non-iron).


Leather is a natural material. All our leathers are meticulously selected from among the best skins. Our suppliers, partners over the long term for these items, pay particular attention to the finishing details. Our leathers are chosen in extremely soft qualities to guarantee they are comfortable to wear.


The down filling in our padded coats is of a very high quality, with a minimum of 70% down and 30% feathers, to ensure a high level of natural warmth and comfort. It regains its initial shape and body after being washed. The feathers are chosen with great care for their softness, they are then encased in small fabric pockets to prevent them from coming through the main fabric.


Milano knit originated in Europe. This is a strong, flowing material in 100% cotton for the children’s range and wool Milano knit for the women’s range. Garments in Milano knit have the advantage of draping attractively and they are easy to care for.


These fabrics display exclusive motifs that we select from the collections by Liberty, a registered trade name whose designs are created in the brand offices in London and printed onto quality mediums in Italy and England. A Liberty product is the guarantee of a refined and exclusive design that will last over time. Cotton voiles and poplins are used for items that can be worn easily from one generation to the next.


Extracted from flax stalks, linen fibre is smooth and rather shiny, with a slightly irregular appearance. It is hard wearing and naturally brown in colour. Once treated, it can take on other delicate and strong shades. Although it tends to crease easily, linen remains a luxury fabric that is full of charm. It is natural and lightweight, making it a pleasure to wear in summer.