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1 - WHICH FABRIC? Our recommendations

Cyrillus offers 4 materials to create 4 different atmospheres…

  • METALLIZED LINEN (silver-coloured coating): an iridescent effect for a refined modern look
  • TRADITIONAL LINEN: for a chic, matt effect
  • WEIGHTED COTTON: heavy cotton that blocks out more light when the background colour is dark
  • SMOOTH VELVET: for a soft, warm feel

2 - WHAT SIZE? Our recommendations

Before ordering your curtains, it is essential to take some measurements.

  • HEIGHT: Decide where the hanging rod (rail) will be placed and measure down to the floor. If you want a slight break at floor level, remember to add a few centimetres.
    *For windows (other than bay windows), we recommend you extend your curtains to the floor as this will add style to the room.
  • WIDTH: Measure the width of the window. Double the width if you want a pleated effect. So you don’t block out any light, plan for a hanging rod and curtain width that are wider than your window (30 to 50cm wider = 25cm on each side of the window).
    * So you don’t block out any light, plan for a hanging rod and curtain width that are wider than your window (30 to 50cm wider = 25cm on each side of the window). When your curtains are open, they will hang on either side of the window without blocking out any light.

We also sell linen half-curtains that are ideal for any windows requiring constant screening without losing any of the light.


  • EYELET HEADER: This creates a wave effect and adds a modern touch. The steel eyelets are in matt gunmetal grey or brushed silver. For a perfect look, match the colour of the rod to that of the eyelets.
  • LPLEATED HEADER: This creates a sophisticated, regular rippled effect and enables the rod to be almost entirely concealed. *Please note, Cyrillus curtains are sold without hooks. These can be purchased at a haberdasher’s or a home improvement hypermarket. The hooks will be different according to the type of pleat you want to create.

Eyelet header

Gathered header

Pleated header

Pinch pleat header

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