Washing instructions

How to care for your clothes and understand the labels

Always separate white from colours, and group according to washing temperatures. Do no overload your washing machine. If you have co-ordinates, always try to wash them together to avoid colour alterations. Silk or cotton-based clothes, bright-coloured clothes and those containing elastane must be washed at 30°C maximum. Velvet, corduroy, print fabrics, garments with embroidery or transfers, decorative knits and all pre-washed and faded garments such as jeans, must be washed inside out. Hand wash is recommended for pure wool and heavy cotton knits.

Dry clothes immediately after washing : avoid leaving damp clothes in a ball. Hang up damp clothes and smooth out any creases to avoid white marks, particularly for clothes made of cotton and those containing elastane. Sweaters in 100% wool and heavy knit garments must be dried flat.

Print fabrics and garments with embroidery or transfers, velvet and corduroy must be ironed inside out. The same applies to silk which must also be ironed slightly damp. Clean the base of your iron regularly.

If possible, remove stains very quickly as fresh stains are easier to deal with. Following the instructions given on the garment's label, remove the stain with the appropriate stain remover before washing the garment.


Hand wash.
Maximum temperature 30°C
Do not machine washMachine washable. The line underneath the symbol indicates gentle spin onlyMachine washable. The figure indicates maximum temperature allowed


110° C
150° C
200° C
Do not iron

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning allowedAny solvent except TrichlorethyleneAll standard solvents allowedDo not dry clean


Tumble drying allowed at any temperatureTumble dry low heatDry flatDo not tumble dry

Bleach (stains)

Diluted cold chlorine and bleach may be usedDo not use chlorine or bleach


UppersLining and sockSole
Leather : items in which the coating layer does not exceed 0.15mmCoated leather : items in which the coating layer does not exceed 0.15mmTextile : natural fibres, synthetic fibres woven or non-woven
Other materials : rubber, elastomere, synderme, synthetic material, wood