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Girl's T-shirt with frill collar

Ref. : 5765341

Ce qu il faut savoir...

Our stylists took a new view of the T-shirt. Moving from a comfortable garment to one that's also a fashion piece to add a chic and colourful note to a silhouette. Choose your sophistication: this T-shirt is available with a plain frill collar, a floral print collar, or a Liberty floral collar.
Decorative frill collar or a Liberty floral one. Long sleeves.
100% cotton.
Liberty Art Fabrics. Exclusive motifs that we have selected from the collection of Liberty Art Fabrics, a registered brand name, that are designed in the brand’s London offices. A Liberty fabric is the guarantee of a refined exclusive design and excellent drape.

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Girl's T-shirt with frill collar

Ref. : 5765341
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