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Baby's organic cotton with a Liberty floral collar

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An exceptional pair to welcome the newborn. With its openwork and patterned stitch, this knit outfit brings little ones necessary soft comfort in addition to the charm of a full Liberty Ella & Libby collar.


Made with Liberty Fabric – Original British design since 1875.

Motifs handdrawn or painted by the Liberty team in Soho, London, and then transferred to fabric in Liberty’s Italian printing plant.

Liberty fabrics offer guaranteed quality, refinement and creativity. Every season, our stylists choose the Liberty fabrics for our collections from an exclusive selection.

A shared love of prints and craftsmanship binds us to this prestigious label. 



Sweater: Liberty floral collar trimmed with a narrow picot. Front openwork knit. Back button fastening.

Leggings: Elastic waistband. Ribbed edge finish.

For the wellbeing of the smallest babies, our range starts at newborn.



Liberty floral collar. Knit, 100% organic cotton.


Cyrillus is committed to the environment...

We chose organic cotton for this style. It’s better for the planet as organic cotton is produced in a more natural and mindful manner with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Grown with no GMOs, it also requires less water than conventional cotton. And for us, its fibre is softer and non-allergenic.

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Baby's organic cotton with a Liberty floral collar

Ref. : 6342327
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