Organic cotton gauze plush toy

Ref. : 7520110

Ce qu il faut savoir...

Cyrillus is committed to the environment...

We chose organic cotton for this style. It’s better for the planet as organic cotton is produced in a more natural and mindful manner with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Grown with no GMOs, it also requires less water than conventional cotton. And for us, its fibre is non-allergenic and softer.


This plush toy is easy to grab and quickly adopted. Its soft head, pretty golden-thread face and waffled organic fabric is soft and supple for tender moments.



Size 24 x 24cm approx. Golden embroidery.



100% organic cotton gauze. Head padding, 100% polyester.


Did you know?

Gauze is a cotton fabric that is very soft, very breezy, and very lightweight. It is recognizable by its crinkled texture.


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Organic cotton gauze plush toy

Ref. : 7520110
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