Cotton/linen tablecloth with golden dots

Ref. : 6494992

Ce qu il faut savoir...

This product contains linen. Linen is a natural fibre that’s 100% ecologically responsible and softer for us and for the planet. Linen requires no irrigation and no pesticides. It’s also biodegradable and antibacterian.

Did you know that linen is a zero-waste fibre: every part is used.


This white tablecloth is dressed to the nines so you can set a beautiful table. The golden dots are embroidered with golden thread for an elegant, festive and glittering motif.



Cotton and linen tablecloth with golden dot embroidered in the centre. 5cm border with an openwork finish. Finished corners. Several sizes available: diameter 180cm, 170 x 170cm, 250 x 170cm, 300 x 170cm and 350 x 170cm. Matching napkins at cyrillus.com



55% cotton, 45% linen + golden thread.

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Cotton/linen tablecloth with golden dots

Ref. : 6494992
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