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For weddings or everyday wear, discover our Girls' dresses: dresses for special occasions, sailor-style dresses, polo shirt dresses, embroidered dresses, smocked dresses, frilled dresses, Liberty print dresses...

Girls|Girls' Dresses

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collection-automne-ukclabprix_99KNIT DRESS - ink marlKNIT DRESS  From €47.90
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99KNIT DRESS - redKNIT DRESS  From €42.90
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99SAILOR DRESS - taupe/cream stripeSAILOR DRESS  From €42.90
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99FLEECE DRESS - navyFLEECE DRESS  From €31.90
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99MILANO PINAFORE DRESS - inkMILANO PINAFORE DRESS  From €55.00
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99FLEECE DRESS - grey/steel grey dotsFLEECE DRESS  From €31.90
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99KNIT DRESS - beigeKNIT DRESS  From €42.90
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99SAILOR DRESS - navy/grey marl stripeSAILOR DRESS  From €42.90
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99DRESS - beigeDRESS  From €34.90
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99WOOL PINAFORE DRESS - inkWOOL PINAFORE DRESS  From €55.00
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99DRESS - blue inkDRESS  From €34.90
collection-automne-ukclabprix_99WOOL PINAFORE DRESS - grey checkWOOL PINAFORE DRESS  From €55.00
84_sold_picto_ukclabprix_99LIBERTY DRESS - pink medium all over printedLIBERTY DRESS  txdmq_30From €55.30instead of €79.00
84_sold_picto_ukclabprix_99GIRLS' STRIPED DRESS - white/clover stripeGIRLS' STRIPED DRESS  txdmq_30From €11.83instead of €16.90
84_sold_picto_ukclabprix_99SWEETHEART DRESS - purple medium solidSWEETHEART DRESS  txdmq_50€42.50instead of €85.00
84_sold_picto_ukclabprix_99EMBROIDERED DRESS - navyEMBROIDERED DRESS  txdmq_30From €26.53instead of €37.90
84_sold_picto_ukclabprix_99TWO-TONE DRESS - pink light solidTWO-TONE DRESS  txdmq_60From €27.60instead of €69.00
84_sold_picto_ukclabprix_99SWEETHEART DRESS - clover white stripeSWEETHEART DRESS  txdmq_40From €27.54instead of €45.90
Page : 12>>See all products|Discount40 items | 2 pages To display by Articles